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 Introducing The Kage Of The Mist

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Hattori Yasunaga


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PostSubject: Introducing The Kage Of The Mist   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:33 pm

Hattori woke up on this special day getting off of the bed and looked out of the window in his room staring down at his Village with the rain pouring as usual Hattori was in a good mood seeing the people in a crowd outside of his palace grabbing his hat and Naginata he began walking to the kitchen it wasnt common to eat with others but today was different he needed to consult with the high ranking shinobi and his advisor's as they ate there raman they discussed the plan for the future of mist village "we must gain allies for the better of our clan we have grown strong our Shinobi are the envy of the great clans in stength but alone we stand no chance of acheiving our goal i will head for the leaf village tommorow with 1 of our great ninja" Hattori explained the plan but his staff was divided on the subject "Hattori you cant possibly suggest we offer an alliance with those fools going there with only 1 ninja may be suicide! if they decided to kill you the Village would fall into disary How would you even find the village they call it hidden for a reason" "Enough! i go there alone as a sign of respect and peace and i know how to find that wich cant be found have you forgotten who i am? .. . My plan will do i leave tommorow it is time for the mist to leave its mark on the world" Finished speaking with them Hattori walked to to the the front of his palace took a breath and opened the large doors seeing the large crowd of people put a small grin on his face "People of Mist village the time for our people has come! our Shinobi have worked hard and our Village is stronger than ever before 4 years ago this day i became your Kage and began turning this land into what it is today but now we must look beyond our borders! before all else we need Allies we cant rely on our forces alone if we are to acheive our great goal we need the other Villages trust tommorow i will personally head towards the Hidden Leaf Village to discuss the future of both our peoples! I know many of you are discomforted by this thought but have i not brought this Village to glory? you must trust my judgement that this is for the better of our future! today a tounament will be hosted to see who shall acompany me for this journey it will begin in 1 hour now ontinue your work we will need to be prepared for anything in my absence, For the Mist Village!" with the roar of cheering that could be heard throughout all of the village Hattori began walking towards the tournament to find out who his company would be on his grand journey.

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Introducing The Kage Of The Mist
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