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 Alex Ruler's Equipment

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Alex Ruler

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PostSubject: Alex Ruler's Equipment   Sat Apr 09, 2011 4:19 pm

Name: Konoha's Vegence
Original Name: Chakra Binding Chains
Rank: B
Owner: Alex Ruler
Appearance: (see picture in my signature)
Length: Up to fifteen feet
Width: Chain Link
Material: Chain Link
Weight: about 2 lbs
Abilities: can extend and ensare opponents. Can be used to block, deflect, and for movement.
Alex first got the Chakra Binding Chains from his travels during the First War that crippeled and destroyed Konoha. He trained the weapon into an extension of body, often combining it with his on jutsus to make powerful techniques even more powerful. The Chains literally became an extension of his body when he encountered his old team mate Aidan. During their fight, Aidan used a technique that caused the chains to permanently bind to Alex's molecular level. Despite attempts by Damion and The Iwa Teams, the Chains were fused. Alex decided Aidan had cursed him, but he was going to do like the Heroes of Past and turn that curse into a gift. That's exactly what he's done.

Name: Spiral Kunai
Original Name: Chakram
Rank: A
Owner: Alex Ruler
Length: 12 Inches in diameter
Material: Steel
Weight: less than one pound
Abilities: Can be used for cutting.
This is a weapon left to Alex by his father at birth. Alex has used it numerous times in his childhood to aid his teammates and himself in battle. Hasn't used it since becoming a Chuunin. Speculated to have lost it in his travels but Damion has it in his office. Damion will return this item to Alex shortly.

Name: Leo
Original Name: Gunblade Leo
Rank: Kage
Owner: Alex Ruler
Length: 8ft
Width: 2ft
Material: Steel/chakra
Weight: five pounds
This blade generates its own supply of chakra which the user can absorb if needed. It holds 1/9 the users natural chakra. This blade also has an aura of ice that cloaks it blade causing it to freeze any non-human object it comes in contract with. When it touches human flesh, it disables that portion of flesh for three posts
Alex recieved this blade after becoming Korikage. Kora had it special made by Doku and the Korigakure Weapon Specialist.

Name: Ruler Clan Leo Armor
Original Name: Leo Armor
Rank: A
Owner: Alex Ruler
Length: 5'7"
Width: covers Alex's entire body
Material: Adamantium
Weight: 100 lbs
The Ruler Clan Leo Armor is a transformation weapon. It cloaks the user's body in Lion Like Armor and gives them increased speed, strength, and stamina. Their chakra is blocked in this form, though the Leo Armor allows Summoning Jutsu without using chakra as long as the user has a contract bound with the lions. All increases are 2x the User's Rank
Alex was awarded this armor by his Lion Partner, SaberLeo. The armor is stored in a wrist device invented by SaberLeo's ancestors. The device is fashioned into a watch, courtesy of Doku.

Name: Demon Dusters
Original Name: Sai
Rank: A
Owner: Alex Ruler
Length: 2 feet
Width: 4 inches
Material: metal
Weight: 4 lbs
Abilities: None
Alex discovered these weapons after becoming Korikage. They were the former Korikage's weapons of choice, so Alex respectfully keeps them on his personal at all times.
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Kento Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Alex Ruler's Equipment   Sat Apr 09, 2011 4:40 pm

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Alex Ruler's Equipment
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