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 Journey of the Shinobi Explorer: Part 1: The Search for Kusanagi

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PostSubject: Journey of the Shinobi Explorer: Part 1: The Search for Kusanagi   Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:32 pm

Watari looked up towards the giants that were right in front of him. They were big, they were huge, and they were strong. If he was caught right under them, he will be crushed and stomped underfoot. Will he challenge them? Will he dare the fearful authority that they command? Watari believes so. He will make one giant leap, one big step, and he will conquer the giant. The small puny human will beat the big one. Watari took one step at their skin and concentrated his chakra towards his feet. He kept his balance, and took another step at their skin, and now faced vertically up towards them, defying gravity. He made one step and that was his beginning point. Oh dear.... how long is it going to take to climb this gigantic mountain? he wondered.

Watari kept on walking vertically up the mountain. The Land of Lightning had many, various, humongous mountains. And Watari is no expert climber. Even so, he did his studies beforehand on rock climbing and mountain climbing. Although he had knowledge, he lacked experience. And the actual action is what counts. Well.... there's always a first time... he answered to his own doubt. At most, he will only walk halfway up the mountain with just chakra alone. He bought some major and many mountain-climbing equipment. Most of them were sealed in a scroll in case he lost balance. A few others were wrapped around him already and he carried them along the way. The ones that weren't sealed were just to support climbing rock. "Hmph, I have rock-climbed the caverns and canyons of the Land of Earth," revealed Watari. "But climbing a mountain in the Land of Lightning is going to take alot out of me. Hopefully, I won't die out of exhaustion before making it to the top! Otherwise, all the excercise I'm putting into this and the fat I'm going to drain enormously would have been useless." As he walked with just chakra control, he was surprised just how well he was doing. He was making progress but his legs felt a bit tired and every single minute slowed the muscles in his leg down. But he absolutely will not stop on this unknown mountain. He knew that at the top of the mountain was the nearing of his midpoint. "The Giant's Peak" is what it was called. It was the beginning plane of the Grey Mountains, the even taller and real mountains that reached the height of the sky in the Land of Lightning. Once he reached the Grey Mountains, he could begin his legendary journey. The journey for a legendary weapon.

Step, step, step, step.... chanted Watari mentally until he felt that he could move no more of his legs and he used up a great deal of his stamina. "I must be halfway through the mountain right now..." he muttered. Watari took out a hook with an extremely long rope attached to his waist area. He threw the hook 53 meters higher and it scraped along the side of the mountain, piercing into the rock. Watari pulled onto it quickly and the hook immediately pierced deeper into the rock and it was stuck to it. A tight bind. Without using chakra, Watari relied on his arms and hands now. He climbed up the rope, while slowly making contact with the side of the mountain by toe and headed up towards 50 meters in just a couple of minutes. He continued this process aided by a weight belt, spikes between his climbing rocks and the mountain, and another piece of rope wrapped tightly around him in case he lost balance. Finally, after a hour or so, Watari reached the top of the mountain, the plane known as "The Giant's Peak." Watari looked down below at how high up it is, and did not recieve any fear, goosebumps, cold feet, or any twirl in his guts. He, for the first time in his life, climbed a mountain. A mountain 10,000 feet high. Watari looked everywhere to find the side of another mountain even taller than the one he just climbed that reached the skies. Watari was looking at one of the Grey Mountains. He smiled. Luckily he did not plan to climb that. No maybe on another time, when he is 20 years older. Watari looked at where the mountain he climbed and Grey Mountains crossed and noticed a peak. He went perpdendicular to that peak and found a little crack. He poked that crack and suddenly a wide, open tip formed. Watari looked below to find a large platform. He jumped down to it and looked back. A high cave. Watari looked in front of him and saw the top, flat plane of an earthern wall. A smile came across his face. That was no wall. That was one side of a canyon. And that means that he is on the other.

Watari realzied where he was and knew that he made it. He was in an unnamed canyon where hes ultimate destination and goal will be. So he, the explorer Watari Dorunezu, will be the one to name it. The Grey Canyon. Yes, the only canyon near the Grey Mountains made of grey rock. Now that that important part of exploration is done, it's time for the ninja explorer to get to work. Watari looked below the narrow canyon walls to see a great river so many depths below him. About 10,000 feet below. The moment he descended down there, he will be halfway through his journey. For this shinobi explorer wishes to find the long lost Sword of Kusanagi of legend. The blade that is said to be capable of slaying any dragon and pierce through even the hardest of minerals. Rumored to be indestructible and that no matter nor material could withstand its wounds. "Now.... I can find out if there is anything more to you than just rumors..." said Watari, referring to the Kusanagi. taking out two scrolls, Watari summoned two multiple hooked tools with extremely long and tough rope. He attached one hook over the other end of a rope to form a 150 meter rope-hook took. He had about seventeen left inside of his scrolls, but estimated he will only use twelve and the other five would be just in case he loses one. Watari descended down the side of the canyon, as if he falls now, there will be no one nearby to save him. Of course, he was the God of Death and Sunagakure's "Angel of Death." He looked at his black fingerless gloves, the Hand of Shinigami. He is prepared for high falls and possess a technique that will allow him to suspend, hover, and float in mid-air while flying as well. Plus, he had the balance, speed, and reflexes to make any adjustment to sudden movements. There is nothing to worry about... except for the possibility that the thing I'm looking for is not here. No, no that can't be. My research and sources point that the last seen story of Kusanagi was right here near the river of the Grey Canyon. And with that, he planted his feet upon the canyon wall and began his descent. With the top hook attached to the top of the canyon wall, Watari jumped down 150 meters below, stopped when he reached the end of his rope, and tightened the rope. 10,000 feet seems like a long way..

About half-way, Watari lost balance and chunks of rock splitted from the wall and huge boulders were dislocated and falling down, ready to crush Watari underfoot. Now, Watari knew that with a single claw of his hand, wires will be sent and sever all of the threats. But he decided not to do that this time, and decided to use his equipment like any regular human would. He simply did not have the agility or the accuracy to use his considerable strength to throw even one of the boulders away. So, as the air pressure increasd, Watari breathed more and more as the boulders were now yards... feet away from him. He threw a hook up at the other wall, and it connected! Watari pulled on the rope and he was sent towards the direction of the wall. he tightened his grip on the rope and the hook instantly combined with the other canyon wall. He watched as multiple boulders were shattered as they reached the ground, the rock inteferring with the flow of the river. Well, at least he decreased 20 minutes of what would be rock- descending in a short amount of time. Now he was just merely 1000 feet from the river. Watari made jumps below one at a time with twelve of his hook ropes, until he reached ground floor. "Ah, yes!" cried Watari. His voice echoed throughout the canyon. "I am now 75% through.... now then, time to locate the Sword of Kusanagi..."

Watari looked around. There aren't any caves nearby, so he couldn't rely on that. It wasn't hidden behind, under, and within boulders. Watari dove deep below into the river and searched for a hour or so for the Kusanagi, using the metal and heat detectors he had with him as well as chakra sensitivity equipment. Nothing. It wasn't in the water. Meaning it must be buried within the ground. Watari walked endlessly from left to right searching for the Kusanagi. He had on him many chakra sensors (technology) and frequency wave transmitters to find the Kusanagi. The Kusanagi was a sacred weapon. If he concentrated with his mind and syncronized his soul to this earth, maybe he will get a vague vision of where it is. But the second he started to focus on a single handseal and tapped deep into his inner chakra, his metal and heat detectors sensed something. WAtari read the locator information and ran for fifteen minutes straight towards the spot where the detector sensed something. He arrived at an area, no different than the one hw was in before. He looked below him and checked the radar once again. A red dot. Except the dot took the shape of a blade. It's either the Kusanagi or some regular blade trapped under the earth for centuries. But then again, would a regular blade emanating this much heat? No, it must be the one and only Sword of Kusanagi. His heart was bumping and he was excited. If this is retrieved to the village, it could be worth several millions. It'll be worth it to drastically boost up the economy to the average standard for the other major shinobi villages and their respective nations such as Iwagakure, Kirigakure, or Konohagakure.

Watari had some digging tools with him but decided that Raiton would be faster. He placed a finger on the earthern spot right above where the Kusanagi should be. he rushed electrical chakra towards that finger and a slight spark appeared around it. Watari lifted his finger from the ground and then enclosed a fist. Finally, he punched towards the ground, and unleashed the Charge technique right before he hitted the surface. A small but highly densed lightning ball blasted right from his fist movement and drilled into the earth. He setted the range and power, and so the lightning ball pierced to two inches above where Kusanagi might be. Watari used a kunai and started to scrub away the earth, and one he finished, his eyes marveled at a glowing sword. "The Kusanagi of Legend!" cried out Watari.

It was shining, like it was the sword of a god. A specatacular sight and certainly no ordinary blade. Watari picked it up, and then dropped it. "Owch!" The blade was hot, very hot. But it was in perfect working condition. He picked up the handle and began to swing it a little bit. It was light, sharp, and powerful. He would bring this back to the historians and exmainers to confirm the authenticy of the blade or is it just a mere copy. Even worse, if it's all just a myth. No, it couldn't be. This is the same exact Kusanagi used by Orochimaru against Hiruzen Sarutobi of Konohagakure and Uzumaki Naruto 6 centuries ago. This was a proud achievement. Watari used his Angel Flight technique and stabbed the Kusnagi into the ground while doing so, launching him and the legendary sword high into the air. "Sunagakure.... here I come!" he triumphed. 100% complete.

Journey for the Legendary Kusanagi: Complete. 100% successful.

Part 1 of the Shinobi Explorer Chronicles: End

Word Count: 2067
Needed RP Requirement to gain the Sword: 1500
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Journey of the Shinobi Explorer: Part 1: The Search for Kusanagi
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