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 Zane Hataro

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PostSubject: Zane Hataro   Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:35 pm

Name: Zane Hataro
Nickname: The Black Hand
Age: 28
Date of Birth: December 21st
Gender: Male
Clan: No clan.N/a

Looks: Zane Hataro stands at a height of 6'4 with a Mesomorhp build. This is shown by his abnormally large mussle mass that is visible along his chest and stomache. Zane has a tan, caucassion skin-tone, black hair that covers the entire top of his head as well as even reaching down over the back of his neck and forehead. Zane has eyes as black as the darkest midnight and commonly has a very calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, facial expression. He only would show a different expression in a rare case. Zanes attire consists of a black leather jacket that covers his entire back, the bottom-back of his neck, and 25% of the sides of his stomache and chest. As well as black pants that go down to his ankles. Attached to his waist is a silver-colored sheathe that holds his main weapon of choice. The hilt consists of a steel-color just as the metal of the weapon, however, it does not conduct electricity or contain the steel properties like the blade itself. ( Picture in avatar)

Personality: Zane Hataro has abit of a god-complex. He beleives his own thoughts and ideals are always the 100% truth regarding any matter. In a sense, he likes to play god with people, manipulating them to his will and proving wrong any impudent fools who oppose him. Zane is one who detests weaklings, which is the main reason he left the village hidden in the Sand. He viewed them as..insects, in a sense. Bugs only to be crushed under the foot of the true humanity. As far as his thoughts and plans in combat, Zane likes to analyze a target's ability before actually going on the offencive. He beleives knowing a target's power will raise his own chance of winning by about fifty percent. On the note of a mercy factor, Zane completely lacks one, He doesn't kill for no reason, however, he has no problem killing anyone without hesitation if there be a reason regardless of what it is. He shows no remorse and his facial expression alone shows the face of an empty shell void of emotion. To some, it could even make him seem inhuman.

Clan Information

(please post this separately in Clan Creation also please. your clan won't be approved with your character, it has to be done aside from this)

Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai: N/a
Clan History: N/a

Rank Information
Rank: Former Special Op, Current Akatsuki member.
Village: Village hidden in the sand.

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: Taijutsu
Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Swordsmenship
Elemental Affinity: Raiton
Special Characteristics: Zane is at the peak of physical ability that his body can attain, His speed is nearly unmatched by most and surpassed by only the fastest ninja known in the world. His sterngth, like his personality can seem inhuman at full force, seeming more like a demon then a ninja. Lastly. he has extended stamina and endurance. This means he is able to fight for extremely long periods of time while taking low to moderat amounts of damage without even slowing down or weakening in the slighest. This is because his sole practice was Taijutsu and swordsmenship since the age of five.

(please note: use the same template for every jutsu)

Name: Substitution Jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Genin
Element: None
Description: The only jutsu Zane ever practiced was the common Substitution jutsu in order to replace the user with another object to dodge an attack. However, Zane has developed a method where he can even switch places with another person instead of just an inanimate object as lonng as they are with-in 50 meters of the user. This is a double-edged sword method he developed while serving in the Ops to evade a enemy's attack while simultaniously causing another target to take the damage. A two for one deal, in a sense.

Name: 8 gates
Type- Taijutsu
Rank: Joinin
Element- Physical
Description: The Eight Gates (八門, Hachimon?, English anime: "The Eight Inner Gates") are eight specific points along the chakra circulatory system that limit the overall flow of chakra within a ninja's body. Although the gates make the ninja weaker in battle, they limit the body's functions to keep it from expiring too soon. Ninja that have learned to open these gates can surpass their own physical limits at the cost of various levels of damage to their own bodies. Each additional gate grants the user new levels of strength with additional injuries; by opening all eight gates the user will become invincible in battle, but their body will be so damaged in the process that they will die afterwards. Rock Lee is shown opening the first five gates during Part I of the series,[12] and his teacher, Might Guy, is seen activating the sixth and seventh during Part II.[13] In the Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds movie, the villain Shinnou mentions opening the 8 gates when gaining the "perfect body" from his dark chakra transformation.

Gate of Opening (開門, Kaimon), located in the brain. This gate removes the restraints of the brain on the muscles so 100% of their strength can be used whereas normally, a person can only use 20% of their muscles' strength to keep them from disintegrating. Unlocking this gate allows the user to use the Front Lotus.

The Gate of Healing (休門, Kyūmon; English TV "The Gate of Rest"), located in the brain. Forcibly increases one's physical strength and temporarily re-energizes the body.

The Gate of Life (生門, Seimon), located on the spinal cord. Allows the user to use the Reverse Lotus. The increased blood flow turns the skin red. In the video games, it allows the user to perform the Leaf Hot Wind.

The Gate of Pain (傷門, Shōmon), located on the spinal cord. Increases the user's speed and power. May cause muscle tissue to tear on use.

The Gate of Limit (杜門, Tomon; English TV "The Gate of Closing"), per above. Located in the abdomen.

The Gate of View (景門, Keimon; English TV "The Gate of Joy"), per above. Located in the stomach. Allows the user to perform the Morning Peacock. Opening of this gate releases such large amounts of chakra that it can cause nearby water bodies to form a vortex around the user.

The Gate of Wonder (驚門, Kyōmon; English TV "The Gate of Shock"), per above. Located below the stomach. Allows the user to perform the Daytime Tiger. Those who open this gate pour glowing green sweat from every inch of their body, which immediately evaporates from their own heat energy, creating an aura which people would mistake as a green chakra coating. In the video games, allows the user to perform the Eternal Chaotic Dance. The aftereffects of opening the gate are that the users muscle fibers are ripped to shreds, causing intense pain if anything or anyone touches him.

The Gate of Death (死門, Shimon), located at the heart. Releasing this gate uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. Opening this gate assures the user's death shortly after.

Zane uses a mix of Dem mak martial arts as well as a method of swordsmenship similer to that of a samurai. The attacks are usually quick and aim for vital points in the body to attack fomr the inside out rather then wasting energy tryng to hurt a target from the outside until they can no longer fight.

Name: Akuma
Appearance: Akuma takes the shape of a basic katana, the hilt measuring three inchs and the blade itself extending 58 inchs. This makes the weapon slightly longer then others. The blade is flat on the left side and curved on the right to match the style of the average sword. It has no special marks of appearance, but the power of it is quite different.
Rank: S-rank
Special Abilities: The blade has the ability to completely compel and cutt through Chakra. What this means is that if a fire style fire b all jutsu was headed toward the user, they could cutt through the center and split the fire around them to completely void the blast from damaging the,. This can also be done with blocking, deflecting, and reflecting the chakra-based technique, though what it works on depends solely on the power of said technique. Something it wouldn't be able to stop, for example would be the Mangekyo Sharingan technique Ametsuru.
Another power of the blade, though not as powerful as it's main, is that it is nearly indestructable. It can take extreme deals of damage with only a few scuffs and is one of the sharpest blades crafted in the Sand village.
Origin: The blade was originally crafted by Zane's father, a greatly skilled blacksmith who had developed weapons rumored to be the best next to the 7 swordsmen's weapons. The blade originally was only a B-class weapon, but in a future time, during the same era Zane betrayed the Sand Village, he had the blade enchanted by the power of his father's life-force and chakra.

History and Roleplay Sample

Birth- Acadamy Arc
Zane Hataro was born in the Village hidden in the sand 29 years ago from now. His father, at the time was a Joinin-ranked ninja for the village and his mother erely owned a small shop for ninja supplies, such included herbs, kunai, shurikan, and so on. Since the young age of five, Zane had already began practice in the arts of Taijutsu and Dem mak martial arts. It was said by many he was a real child prodigy in the subject. Infact, due too this, Taijutsu had become his main practice and combat method throughout his entire life following these events. Once entering the acadamy, Zane undertoke courses like most others, however, he graduated a year earlier then others due to his quick advancement and learning ability.

Genin- Chunin
Upon becoming a Genin, Zane was the youngest member of his squad, at times being insulted by fellow members due to this. However, things changed as time progressed and the young ninja ended up becoming the best genin-class ninja in Taijutsu and mental speed. Once the chunin exams started in the following year. the first two tests ended up being a breeze. They were a challenge, yes, but not nearly as much as he expected when entering the competition. the last prt of the exams was where things got interesting. A few of the other ninja actually managed to put up quite a decent fight. Zane made it to the finals. however lost that match against a much older ninja, probably twice his age. regardless, he still had become the youngest chunin to be in the village as of yet.

Joinin- Special Op
Zane spent the next several years in chunin class taking up missions usually researved for Joinin-ranked ninja. It was by this time he obtained his sword from his father and started to practice the arts of a samurai combat style as well. Spending three years at chunin rank, Zane was later advanced to Joinin class for his constant tasks in missions, skill in combat, and quick mind. However, Zane didn't spend nearly as much time as a Joinin compared to his other ranks. He was sent to special Op status only three months after his promotion to joinin. No specific events happened between those times aside from his training and a few missions along the road, thoug none worth mentioning.

Rogue- Akatsuki
Upon becoming a special Op, Zane practiced the arts of assassination as we;l as stealthy and silent movement. His speed progressed more immensly then ever during this time and his views started to change as his power continued to grow. He began viewing the others as weak trash, starting with genin, then even thinking of joinin and soon the other Special ops as weaklings. Being highly angered by these realizations, Zane decided it was time he joined a group with real power. One that wouldn't get shot out of the water. He heard info on the akatsuki during his time as a special Op, and using this data, Zane decided to leave the following day. However, to make sure there was no turning back, the ninja stole a forbidden jutsu from the archieves of the sand village and used it on his own father to seal their life-force and chakra into the blade the man crafted. Leaving the body behind, Zane left that morning and started his new occupation as a missing ninja. It was ten long and agonizing years before he found the Akatsuki. He had spent alot of time fiighting ninja from other villages that had his bounty until that time. upon finally finding the hideout for the Akatsuki, he joined them as a recent member. ( Just joined 5 IC days ago from today, if that works. Not really that good at history, but I can make up for it in RP)

Rp Sample:
Here are several posts
So, it was to begin, The battle of two hybrids. Zane Hataro, the grand ruler of the Vizard Corps organization had set up a little...sparing match to test the ability of one of his strongest allys. The co-head of Vizard Corps, Kurochi, was one of great power, however, Zane knew that the individual still had powers yet to be unlocked, one of which being the fabled power of ressurection. Zane himself knew the ability, but his was unlike what any normal vizard or arrancar went through. However, that was for another date. Zane decided upon making the challenge in the Sahara desert, during the falling of the sun where day was devoured by the darkness of night. The vast sands had a seemingly infinate terrain of combat for the two to fight without gaining much attention.

Zane Hataro had his normal appearance of black hair, slightly spiked downward covering a portion of his forehead and the back of his neck, pitch-black eyes that seemed to blend in with the coming of night, tan, caucasion skin-tone, with a mesomorphic build, shown by his abnormally high amount of mussle-mass. His ettire consisted of a black leather jacket that covered the top of his neck down to his waist, however, his stomache and chest remained bare. This also included pants of the same color and material make-up. The last article of his clothing were two boots, each as dark as the rest of the vizard's appearance. They also had a steel toe to amplify the damage of Zane's kicks, but not by much as the force of his attacks were already hard to comprehend even by some of the strongest combatants.

Zane Hataro had no zanpakto with him as always, this was due to a odd fusion of his zanpakto spirit and inner-hollow. The sword was called to him the same as his mask was long agp. He stood atop the yellow sands of the Sahara, grains of the desert sticking to the bottom of his boots. A slight wind passed him, moving his hair to the right abit. Now all there was to do was wait for his ally to show up. Zane didn't intend to make this easy for the vizard. After all, if he wanted to force the man into ressurection, he couldn't go easy. Zane knew the power of that form, he might even need to use part of his bankai's power once it is activated by his opponent. The head vizard toke one more quick glance around, sensing the spiritual energy of the being he called here draw ever closer

Zane Hataro merely smirked as his opponent appeared. Seeing that the co-head of the Vizard Corps already had guns equipted, he could easily confirm the use of the individual's shikai state. As a single bullet was fored, Zane kept his left-eye on the bullet and his right eye on the target. Zane didn't bother to move at all until he noticed the change in movement of his opponent. He knew Kurochi was faster then himself, but not to a extent that he couldn't keep up. As the two strikes came forth toward him, a bullet to the head and a punch to the somache, Zane arched his neck to the right, moving his head fully out of the way of the bullet while simultaniously moving his hand in a open-palm formation infront of his stomache to catch the strike of a fist.

If both were successful, Zane would instantly clentch his right-hand around Kurochi's fist and emit all his strength around it to try and crush the bones inside of it and render it useless...for a few moments atleast. He knew that damage wouldn't have lasted for long, but regardless, that is what he did. Zane then merely looked into Kurochi's eyes, his facial expression as calm as always. Such attacks were too predictable. In the case of the frontal attack it is either to distract from another frontal attack, or a sneak attack on the back. Being alive for one-thousand seven hundred years, the Head Viizard has grown to see every trick in the book of combat, this was no different.

To finish up his counter, Zane Hataro pulled on his opponent's hand backwards to try and pull Kurochi towards Zane. During the exact same time as that, the head vizard sent his head back to it's normal position then smashed it forward at his target's skull for a full-force headbutt. If the attack had hit, he would release his grip on the individual's hand and allow the force of the headsmash to push the individual back and make another small gap of distence between the two. Speaking quicly and without stopping in focusing on his opponent, Zane spoke. "You'll have to do better then that..."

Zane Hataro moved as fast as he was able to as soon as he noticed the dodge of his second attack. Expecting a counter to his own counter, the head vizard watched his opponent closly. There were another two strikes coming, however, he would only be able to block one of the two strikes, barely at that. As the kick aimed for his stomache was heading forward, Zane moved his other free-hand in the path of it in order to catch it the same way he did with the opponent's hand. Now, this gave him a advantage. If he damaged his target's foot,that would limit their speed temporarily and grant him several openings to strike from.

Zane proceeded to attempt and crush the target's foot in the same way he had done to their hand while the second strike hit it's mark directly on his shins. The strike did fair amount of damage and would have actually cracked the bone if not for Zane's second highest attribute. His endurance was on levels above even the infamous Kenpachi Zarakis, matching even some of the stronger hierro of the espada. The effects were still fealt of course, but he managed to stay in place after the strike hit without moving aside from a small twitch in his leg from the kick. After this, to try and stop the final attack, Zane thrusted his arm forward that had the hand which was holding the target's foot while releasing his grip in attempt to throw the target a large gap of distence away and create a small gap while simultaniously using his shunpo, though not the best, it still worked for it's purpose, he appeared directly above Kurochi ( if the previous attacks worked) and sent a powerful kick with his heel down at the target's side.

Zane finished his strike by actually using another shunpo from the target's body to use the force of his kick and the massiv burst of speed to raise the damage. Lastly, the head vizard appeared directly at the position he was before his first shunpo. His eyes were still directly on the target, not letting his guard down for a second.
( I can RP longer then this, however, this is an average)
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:01 pm

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Zane Hataro
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