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 Reef's training

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PostSubject: Reef's training   Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:23 pm

Reef stood atop a rock, hands clasped together. The fatty he had rolled earlier still smoldering in his mouth as a cloud of smoke sifted around him. The young boy was attempting to meditate to extend his sphere of influence for his two signature jutsus. The Peace Lilly Jutsu, and the Smoker’s Joy Jutsu which also happened to be his two favorites. His red sharingan eyes were closed in deep meditation, and his light brows were furrowed as he tried to focus on his chakra. He could feel the dark purple chakra welling inside him, flowing through his body and reaching every little point of release. Reef Shikyo then turned his attention to the outside area feeling around him, there wasn’t any chakra within two hundred meters of himself, nowhere near where he could use the jutsu now.
Maybe he would have to increase his chakra by using that Shikyo jutsu, while that seemed the easiest way and a surefire one at that for now he was going to work on extending it himself. After all he could just steal jutsu later on, but he needed to be at his top for the Chuunin exams. The young Shikyo from the cloud village had already stalled enough waiting far longer than most to take his exam, but he wanted to rely on more than his own jutsu.
In the three years after he graduated Reef had studied his clan’s scrolls and perfected the jutsus even if they were weaker versions than what say an S ranked Shikyo could do. If he had to judge, thanks to his oddly large amount of chakra they were about C ranked at the time of course he would only use them at D rank for now. No need to jump into the exams and show off right away.
The jutsus were moot however at the moment as he clasped his hands together in the single hand sign his Smoker’s Joy jutsu required filling himself with his own chakra from the move set. It probably wasn’t the best idea as he fell off the rock and passed out upon hitting the ground two feet below. The young cloud villager’s arms and legs were sprawled out his head band had sunk blocking his left eye, and his scarf flew up over his face. Reef’s light breathing moved the scarf every once in a while as a dream came to him.
In his dream he was in a small grey room, it reeked of pot the wonderful smell filling the whole place. Suddenly the smell was gone replaced by that of death, a rotting corpse. The small grey room shifted to a larger one blood dripping from the walls and pooling on the floor near his feet. It was sticky, Reef didn’t like the feel of it as he notice he was missing his shoes. With terror he lifted his feet in a jump, however he hit the ceiling it was fleshy and disgusting to touch his head to it. His hair became matted and bloody.
It was extremely disgusting, why was he having this dream? Reef hadn’t had a bad dream ever since he began smoking, it was the reason he did so. Before he always had awful dreams about the clan he never had, the clan he was apart of but not his family. Reef’s family would always be the people who took him in while he was four, the family who gave him his hookshot, the family in the village hidden in the cloud. The place he would risk everything to protect, that was why he was out here he wanted it to be safe forever. That was why he was training, and in a flash he sat up awake and panting.
Reef realized that he couldn’t work on his smoker’s joy jutsu, he would have to focus on only the peace lilly jutsu. Reef noticed the joint sitting next to him it was no longer sparked. Reef looked at the sky, he hadn’t been out for that long but an hour must have passed.
“I will not give up” the Shikyo yelled to the sky as he jumped up from his back, building his chakra and letting it touch everything around him. He could feel it growing and soon he could touch beyond his sphere of influence. ‘Sixty meters, sixty five meters, seventy meters, seventy five’ Reef thought to himself as he reached farther and farther along. Reef could do this he felt the new strength flowing through him, and he grited his teeth as he reached even farther ‘Ninety five, one hundred’ he wasn’t even breaking a sweat yet he could go so much farther. It was as if he reached a new pinnacle of power with his peace lilly jutsu, soon he could even feel the village come closer to his reach. Reef was almost there he could sense two young boys, much younger than him training for their class at the academy. Reef had only reach even farther, and he could touch them with his peace lilly jutsu by now he was a bit weary, having wasted so much time trying to touch every small creature on his way to the village however he pushed himself even farther. His promise to himself of not giving up rang in the Shikyo’s head as he continued along until he could feel the two. With a slight brush and his hand sign they could no longer fight. He was certain they would be confused not knowing what was going on as they became incapable of fighting.
Reef chuckled to himself, he did it he gained a new level! The joy he felt was enormous overflowing, much like his chakra did. It was time to go show off his new power to the kage, his sensei, and hopefully annoy her too. Oh that would just make his day wonderful, one of the best ever. Now if he could just find her, he thought to himself as he got up and began walking towards the village a huge smile on his face.

Word count, 1,016
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Reef's training
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